Projector Manufacturer, Guangzhou

Objective: Build OEM business in the USA from an initial trial Joint Venture in California

Current situation: OEM manufacturer using traditional sales channels of internet platform and exhibitions for marketing.  Business orders are not increasing at preferred rate.  Competition is increasing, manufacturing costs are increasing and financial climate is making the winning of orders more difficult.  They need to explore other channels for winning orders. They have a very cautious attitude towards risk, their name and products are largely unknown and they admit to having little local market knowledge.

Actions: Bridgia has discussed different JV scenarios suitable for the USA one of which appeals to the Guangzhou company.  This will ensure commitment, reduce risk, reduce cost, involve shared benefits and shared expertise and resources.  The BRIDGIA local specialist Partner will help search and identify a short list of 5-6 suitable companies interested in this market fitting the description of the Guangzhou company.  Once the decision of local Partner is finalized BRIDGIA intends to work with the Guangzhou company to help create a strong lasting mutually rewarding relationship between the two companies.