BRIDGIA was founded in 2009 by Jon Aarons as a division of Property and Development Ltd., a UK registered company. Its mission is to help Chinese companies develop their business in the West and UK companies in China under its motto ‘Communicate, Partner and Profit’.

With over 20 years business experience with companies such as TRW, Walmart, Lord Corporation, NOF, SKF and Valeo, Jon Aarons resolved to build specialist interdisciplinary teams to respond to the individual cultural challenge such international business might face.

BRIDGIA comprises highly experienced strategists, business generalists, market specialist and technical experts. Knowledge spans marketing, sales, finance, legal and business disciplines. They are supported by a conscientious, committed multi-lingual project and customer team.

With Head Office in London, England, representative office in Guangzhou, China and with Partners across the West and China,  BRIDGIA offers access to China, most US States, West European and Scandinavian countries. It is well placed to design and deliver an active strategy to match clients’ individual requirements .